3 Ways to Set Yourself Apart as a NEW Real Estate Agent

Have you ever thought of going into real estate? Maybe you’re an agent, but it just isn’t what you thought it would be.

I can totally relate. I went into real estate in my twenties but just couldn’t get traction. Does that sound familiar? Today, I have built a multi-million-dollar brand and I’m using the knowledge and skills I gained on that journey to truly change the game in the real estate industry.

If I could talk to myself back then, this is what I would say.

First chose your focus. Are you focused on buying or selling? Of course, you can work both, but the question is which side do you want to focus on? Do you love showing homes and building relationships? Maybe you love the other side – the listing, marketing, promotion – getting that house sold.

If you work both sides, you are not going to be the best at either! Get really get honest with yourself. What do you love to do? What are the specifics that you are just so dang good at – no one else can even touch you! This will keep you focused and going where you need to go to find success.

No more treading water. Treading water keeps you alive but you end up going nowhere.

The second way to set yourself apart is to create a guide focused on your specialty that addresses the greatest fears, hopes and dreams of your ideal client. This helps to qualify you as the authority we know you are. You share this guide everywhere– like a bat signal in the sky!

The third way to set yourself apart is to make sure your website speaks directly to your people. It should encompass your knowledge of the market, share your heart and identify the systems you use to make sure your client’s lives are easier and more profitable.

I’m back in real estate today – and I’m changing the game! Check out my video about these ways to set yourself apart here. If you need help with implementing these ideas reach out to my business page Living the Dream with Martha. We have an agency that can help you get these critical pieces up and running affordably and quickly. Let’s get you some traction!

Have the best day!

xo Martha

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