Day 17, down 16 lbs,.and my first check in with my doctor. I usually semi-hate going to the doctor because I hate getting on the scale. It’s always a reminder of how much I planned on losing the last time I was there…but didn’t…and most of the time, gained instead.

Today was totally different.

As I sat in the office waiting for her to come in, I had time to think. To slow down and just show gratitude for my journey. No toddler to keep out of the drawers, or the garbage, or the tongue depressors…Just me and my thoughts. I rifled through all of the times I let myself down, thinking I wasn’t capable of such a drastic change.  All of the times I started a diet, lost a few pounds, and quickly went out to eat a bunch of stuff to gain it all back. I had been in a holding pattern.

Then I began to think about what was different this time.  I mean, what made this time actually different? Why was I able to, so easily, stay on track this time? I think it’s because I never feel lacking. With most diets…and I’ve tried a LOT of them…I ended up hungry…all of the time. I spent most of my day thinking about food, and counting down the minutes until the next time I got to eat. That’s not any way to live, friends!

This time, I am never hungry! And when I eat, it tastes fantastic, and it just feels so good to know it really is good for me, too! I’ve never been a big veggie person, but you pair them with some pineapple, and it’s on!

As I sat in the doctors office going through my thoughts, I heard those magic words outside the door…”Holy cow, look at how much weight she’s lost!”. Yup. I’m doing it, and I’m doing it the right way. My doctor is not only happy, she is excited to see how this all goes. It’s exciting when you have people on your side.

When you’re ready to start, I’ll be on your side! When we feel better, we do better. I look forward to seeing you on the journey!

Let’s DO THIS!

***Update*** This year I did a juice fast with a pre-made juice that is AMAZING! Detoxed me like crazy, and I lost 30lbs in 30 days while eating as well…I strongly suggest using this juice instead of the other way if you’re busy, OR if you don’t have good access to non GMO or certified organic fruits and veggies. Because, let’s call it, if you’re juicing fruits and veggies that have pesticides….you are mainlining those pesticides. Please don’t do it. Just get this juice.  Comment here or hit me up on social media, let’s talk.

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