Ok, so super quick, make sure you watch the video above for the interview, it’s only about 14 minutes, so won’t take long….

But…it will change your entire Young Living business.

In the video, Hannah talks about how she signed up 5 people the very first day of Silver Made Simple (Link here: goldin6.com/sms) and then 2 more people by NOON the second day!

So, how is she doing this? Super easy!

She’s following my daily checklists.

Here’s the deal, you guys…I built my own team to GOLD in 6 months, and that was with NO classes and in 2 hours or less a day, period.

I have two courses that when taken together give you both the SYSTEM (GO for Gold gold.withmartha.com/goforgold) and the actual CHECKLISTS I create for myself every day.

The checklists have both things that are static and have to be done every single day, (M-F…I don’t work weekends πŸ˜‰ ) without fail…and then there are campaigns I run people through in additional things in the checklist….

Do you need to understand business strategy? Nope. That’s MY job…I’m the strategist πŸ™‚

Do you need to know what the campaign is that I’m walking you through? Again, no…you don’t need to take a college course on what I do, just do what I say, lol!

Also, just a head’s up, here are some questions I get a lot about Silver Made Simple:

Is it a monthly charge? No, it’s a one time fee for lifetime access

Do I need to be done with GO for Gold to start it? No, I do suggest you have at least started it though, and my suggestion that has been working really well for people including Hannah above ^ is to do your checklist in the morning for about an hour…then in the afternoon/evening, set aside an hour or so for GO for Gold πŸ™‚

Does this work for any rank? Absolutely yes. You could have just started today, or be a DIAMOND…it doesn’t matter. And for that same reason, it’s a lot like a circular calendar in that you can keep doing it over and over and over again through the years and continue building your business πŸ™‚

Ok that’s it, let me know in the comments any other questions that may come up!

Catch you around!

xo Martha


Martha is passionate about all things wellness related. She believes if we have good nutrition and a much smaller load of toxins in our lives, we will be more productive people over all, and in the end that means we can live more in purpose, on purpose, and that is everything to Martha.

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  1. RED< BLUE< GREEN here too!
    So I have a really hard time deciding what's important now. Should I focus on supplements or ningxia-there ARE obvious ones like sunscreen & bug spray during spring break…but from a business strategy? how do you plan that out.
    How do you decide what your team needs especially if they're not engaged?
    There are tons of IPA lists how is this SMS different?

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