A Quick Hack To Growing Your Social Media Accounts

Who loves a hack to grow your social media? The hack I’m sharing today is so easy! This is gonna set you apart from pretty much everybody else. Here it is. Don’t talk about yourself like you’re a celebrity.  People on social media tend to do this and its usually insecure people.  God bless them. Let’s face it, everybody is insecure at some point in their life.  You may have seen this yourself on social media. I call it hollering for their worth.  They tell you how great they are and that’s not helpful to you in your business.  When you spend your time telling people how good you are that doesn’t make people want to follow you. It makes people tune out.

 Think about whenever you are on social media, and you see somebody tell you how good they are over and over again. Eventually that gets boring and it’s unhelpful.  Instead of hollering for your worth, the hack I’m sharing is to think about who your people are and what they need. Think before you go live. Think before you make that post. What’s gonna be helpful today?  Before I wrote today’s blog I thought,  will it be helpful for me to remind people that they don’t need to scream from the mountaintops if they’re the best at things?  Absolutely it’s helpful! You don’t need to do that. I’m no fluff. It’s my goal to share what can truly help you. I share more in this short video.

 You don’t need to holler for your worth. What you’ve gone through is enough already to help your people.

If you have trouble believing that, believing in yourself, here is a short blog I wrote to support you. Here’s the deal, people that are the best at things have self-worth and don’t holler for their worth.  You already are worthy. So, don’t holler for your worth. Don’t tell people how you deserve a seat at the table. Just grab your own chair and pull it up to the table. Grab your own sparkly chair and bring it up to the table. Have people scoot over guys! If you want to join a community of people pulling up seats at the table and learn more simply effective hacks like this you can join my free Facebook group Families Creating Legacies here. It’s time to start recognizing your worth.




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