A Year of Restoration – 11 Day Jumpstart-Style

Who is ready for a year of restoration? What’s happening with the
11-Day Jump Start is so incredible and what’s coming in the next year is simply a game-changer. If you’re not in yet make sure you talk to the person who sent you to this blog and jump in!

This year of restoration is something that’s been on my heart, and I have been planning it now for over a month. If you aren’t familiar with the 11-Day Jumpstart, we have people in there losing an average of 7-15 pounds in 11 days. Someone had a benign cyst that was painful that shrunk 50% in size in 11 days. Somebody else had a lump on their wrist that had been there for a long time and now it’s gone. A1C numbers are coming down for diabetics. God is guiding me to shepherd and lead people through this restoration. Interested in learning more about the 11-Day Jumpstart? You can check out this short blog I wrote here.

I want you to know that what I do on my part in this is always going to be free. You are never going to be paying for it. All you need to have are the supplements that we use in the Jumpstart. I talk more about that in the short video at the top of this blog.

When I saw the impact this program was having on so many lives, I just knew I had to take it even further. So, I’ve created the year of restoration where we will first focus on our physical health. What does that mean? It means taking our bodies back to the factory settings God created us with. Then we are going to move into our relationships and work on how to be able to love and understand people and communicate with ease. Here we are really going to focus on our families and making them invincible.

Next will be financial mastery and there’s so much more – a year to be exact. My mission is to serve so that this year you’re always going to be ready for the next step. I’m walking you through each step. So reach out to the person that sent you this blog or if nobody sent you – reach out to me.

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