Affiliate Marketing Ideas For Moms

Who wants to hear some affiliate marketing ideas for moms. So many people ask me, how do I start? Believe it or not some people say “I’m just a mom” what do I do? First of all let’s stop doing that! You aren’t just a mom! Ain’t no such thing. Moms are so dynamic in our skill sets that it’s insane! Moms are simply amazing.

So, when you think about affiliate marketing ideas you can use as a mom, I want you to think about when you meet somebody, and you are just hoping they are weird like you!  Right? I mean all moms have their flavor. What is your mom flavor? My mom flavor is a little bit feisty, don’t care if I have makeup on or not, I am not going to present myself as perfect every single minute of the day.  I am the imperfect chaotic boss mom that loves people so doggone much.

When we find other people we align with, whether it’s on gluten free living or not buying certain toys, we realize that we are the same.

Once you identify the things that make you who you are as a mom – you grab your notebook start writing them down. Basically, what are different products and services that you use because you are that flavor of mom. I’m telling you even the kids can get in on the act! Here is a great blog I wrote about that. To help you even more, I’ve got a free training that is an hour-long.  what I’m sayingAffiliate marketing done the best way is just helping to share a company’s products that you align with and support. Affiliate marketing done the wrong way would be people sharing things that you haven’t used, and you can’t personally recommend.  What families don’t realize is that we’re leaving a lot of money on the table and when you learn how to share what you love this way it can change everything!

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