Affiliate Marketing: The Secret to Success

What is the secret to success when it comes to affiliate marketing? I’ve been talking about affiliate marketing recently because it is a way to make money without spending money. If you spend money, it is nominal – very very small.

When I see affiliate marketers out in the in the world, most of them run ads. That is all fine and good but, in these cases, they are spending money in the hopes that they might make money. That is just not my style. I’m talking about using organic growth to build your affiliate marketing.

I don’t use ads on anything and I’m not going to tell you to start now.

The very first thing we need to focus on is a niche. Who are you talking to? What matters to them? People who are newer to affiliate marketing don’t understand the power of knowing their niche. They post like anyone would on their social media and then suddenly they suggest you buy this thing. It feels like an out of place ad. We don’t want our posts to look like ads. That will cause people to stop following you. That will cause people to stop trusting you. We don’t want that. I talk more about how to find your niche in this video.

I’ve been an affiliate marketer for years and it is currently producing a quarter of my income. I am growing that percentage to fifty percent. How would it feel to have fifty percent of your income generated from affiliate marketing? I’m the person to show you how to do this because I have done it. I’ll be offering a free challenge showing you how to kick start your affiliate marketing income stream in my Facebook Group Families Creating Legacies that you can join here.

To get ready for the challenge grab this free book (you only pay shipping) that will set you up for success as you kick start your affiliate marketing income stream.  Let’s Go!

Have the best day!

xo Martha

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