Affiliate + Network Marketing: What Most People Do Wrong

What do most people do wrong when it comes to affiliate marketing and network marketing? I do say both affiliate marketing and network marketing because when you think about it they’re essentially the same thing. You can utilize the same things to be able to grow them. So, once I share what most people do wrong, you can self-analyze. Ask yourself – is this me? If it’s you – I’ve got an easy change and easy switch

What most people do wrong is they try to convince people.  That’s it. I recommend that you simply share your story. Think about how you scroll through social media. You see a video of someone trying to convince you to buy something without seeming like they are trying to get you to buy something. They probably don’t even mean to do it or know they are doing it.  We can all smell that a mile away.

The moment you realize somebody is trying to convince you to buy something you’re out. You lose interest in whether the product would actually be good for you or not. You can hear more about how to approach sharing what you love in the short video at the top of this blog. So, it’s simple.  Don’t move into convincer mode. Don’t tell people they need to buy something that does XY and Z. Don’t oversell things.

You don’t need to oversell things. You don’t need to over-talk about things. Simply share what you love.

Here’s an example.  When I share the Wavwatch I call out the elephant in the room. I’ll say everybody asks about the small screen TV on my wrist. I wear it literally all the time because it can help me through my day – it helps with 850 symptoms.   If you are wondering how to decide which offers to share I wrote about that in this short blog post. 

I absolutely love the oh by the way approach because it removes all pressure – all stress. It’s just oh by the way. Then make sure you share the link to the product and discount code in the description of the video.  You can learn more about the WavWatch here and use my discount code MARTHA100 to get $100 dollars off.



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