All Affiliate Marketing is NOT the Same

If you have ever googled affiliate marketing, you know there are some sketchy folks out there. Not all affiliate marketing is the same. I’m known in this space for doing things the right way and that’s what I teach you. One of the things I teach is how to decide which affiliate opportunities are solid. That’s why I share the best opportunities with my Inner Circle. Your entire family can be part of the Inner Circle for $47/month. That’s right, I’m serious about helping families and making it affordable. Take a look here.

Recently when I was at the Traffic and Conversion Summit (TNC) in San Diego I was talking to a guy who had a terrible experience with Affiliate Marketing. He ran an affiliate program for his skincare business and got a bunch of spam buyers. Basically, only one order out of hundreds of orders that came in was real. So, here’s what I want to explain.

All affiliate marketers are not the same.

There’s a good chunk of the affiliate marketing world that is just into growing an email list. They do what’s called turning and burning that list sending offer after offer regardless of how that offer may fit their audience. That means all they want is to add a lot of people to their e-mail list because that’s more people that might buy something so they can make money.

That’s not what I teach. I’m teaching the way to be able to make money in affiliate marketing while also giving back to people. I talk more about that in the short video at the top of this blog.  I teach how to do this without spending money on ads.  I share more insights from the TNC in this short blog.

I want you guys to know that whenever you are aligned with me and whenever you say my name in this industry businesses listen they know that you are sending good traffic because of the way that I teach you to do things. Good traffic means that you respect your email list. You are not turning and burning.

A friend of mine, a giant in the industry, Perry Belcher, said in his speech at a recent conference that he would rather have 1,000 people on a warm email list than 11 million. I teach you how to build your own warm email list, how to nurture it, and serve your people. Let’s go!

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