Amazon Affiliate PRIME DAY: Find Deals + Coupons To Leverage Your Sales

Are you ready to learn how to leverage deals and coupons as an Amazon affiliate? There are days like Prime Day and Black Friday where these tips can be helpful, but I would also recommend you use these tips and tricks whenever you find deals and coupons on the items you recommend. This is actually pretty easy! If you haven’t read my last couple of blogs that’s where I really went into the strategy of how to share a link. You can check that out here.  Here is the key. We aren’t making commercials. Don’t just say “I really love this vacuum cleaner. Buy it.” That doesn’t work. That is precisely why businesses are partnering with affiliate marketers, right?

Let’s make sure we’re being creative. Let’s make sure we’re being honest. Let’s make sure we’re being real.

Let’s do things that really sweeten the deal for our audience. When you’re logged into your Amazon Associates page you’re going to see an area titled show me the deals.  I do not recommend that you share really expensive things just to make money. You’ve got the wrong energy behind what you are doing if that is your approach. You can learn more the right way to share things in service in this short video here.  

At the end of the day, we want people on Amazon via our link. Then for the next 24 hours, if they do not delete their browsing history, anything that they buy is going to be attributed to you. This is all about the short game. Remember Blogs and You Tube are how we can work to leverage the long game.  If you’re not an Amazon affiliate that is your first step.

I teach you guys how to create multiple income streams from home in ways that are not skeezy and weird. There’s a lot of money being left on the table. Meanwhile there are families struggling to make ends meet – it’s nonsense. We need to fix this. That’s literally why I teach you guys this stuff Krejci  Nation.  You can see how people are succeeding with Affiliate Marketing University (before they even finish the course by the way) and check out the free training I offer in Families Creating Legacies here. You can start making money right after you watch this video guys. Let’s go!



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