Today’s blog is about the right way to share affiliate links on Amazon and the one thing you should never do as an affiliate. The reason that I write these blogs is because there are a bunch of families struggling out there. I don’t want you to be one of them. I teach you how to be able to create income from home in ways that are not sleazy or weird. If you aren’t familiar with Affiliate Marketing you can read about how I started my affiliate business when I was still working my day job here. 

The truth is there’s a bunch of money on the table out there and everybody is either ignoring it or walking past it. I’m going to help you find it.

OK, let me tell you what not to do first. The thing that you should never ever do with your Amazon links is click on them to buy something for yourself. Don’t click on your affiliate links to buy something for yourself. That’s never a good idea. That is considered fraud. In essence that would give you a kick back on your own sale.  Amazon will ban you. You’ll never get to be an  Amazon Associate or Affiliate and it can impact other partnerships as well. I show you how to start affiliate marketing the right way in this free training here. 

The good idea is how to share if you have a product on Amazon. So, say you’ve made a journal, or written a book, or have a product on Amazon. You can  share your affiliate link to your own product! Not only can you share your link – you should! When you share your own products just be authentic and be yourself. Maybe tell the story behind how you created your journal or wrote your book. Remember, we aren’t here to say buy my stuff – we are here to help our audience find things that make their life better by sharing the things we use and love. If you’d like more tips like this you can check out my free Facebook group Families Creating Legacies here. Now, go out there are share Krejci Nation. I love you guys! We are doing this thing and we are doing it together! Let’s freaking go!