I spoke at an event with Pat Quinn recently and a subject came up that I knew I had to share with you.  It was how you can set up your daily schedule to actually get things done.  How often do you feel busy, but don’t feel like you are getting what you need done?

This typically happens when we aren’t doing the right activities. We need to focus on what pushes the needle on our businesses and goals.  Sometimes, we think if we’re busy every day then we’ve got to be successful. That’s just not true. That is the hustle mentality and it just doesn’t work. You can check out this short blog post I wrote about that here.

I like systems. I don’t like hustle.

Have you ever had a “to-do” item on your calendar that keeps getting put off? You move it from day to day. Often these are the things we need to do the most. Here’s one reason that happens. We accidentally put goals on our daily calendar instead of tasks What is the difference between a goal and a task?

Let’s say you’re writing a chapter for a book and you add that to your schedule for Monday. That’s actually your goal. It’s a big goal and when you look at it you think oh I can’t do that right now.  One of the tasks associated with that goal is to outline the chapter.

When we break our goals down into tasks suddenly, we find ourselves reaching those goals. That’s how we push the needle on our businesses. So, maybe that’s something that you’re doing that’s actually sabotaging your goals.  You’re putting your goals as a day-to-day task instead of breaking them down into tasks. I share more in detail in the short video at the top of this blog. 

Here’s a second tip. I’ve been using nootropics for the last month and between that and fasting my brain is in happy town. I’m operating at such an elevated level. I attribute a lot of it to the nootropics so I want to share that with you guys. When you go to their website here you through a quiz to determine what nootropics are best for you. These nootropics are for brain function – it’s like the limitless pill but it’s natural with no bad side effects.  My code, MARTHAK will give you a discount so make sure you use it.