OK, friends, this is a BIGGIE.

Like, not little at all….pretty much the deciding factor between whether you will be seen, or not.

First, let’s talk about Facebook super quick.

How do they monetize? (make money)


How do people see the ads that then buy from the ads, that then keep the businesses paying for ads?


Our content.

Our showing up and bringing other people to the platform to see each other’s “stuff”.

Now. THAT’s on your personal page.

What about the business pages out there? They get seen just the same, right?

Totally not the case.

IF you have a business page, Facebook assumed you are a business (and I would say rightfully so…)…

BUT that said, IF you’re a business, Facebook will make you PAY (via ads) to get people’s eyeballs on your stuff….because you’re a business and therefore Facebook thinks you have a marketing budget (insert obvious laugh here….over 95% of businesses out there aren’t even out of the red let alone have room for a marketing budget)

So that’s where everything goes sideways…people think, well this is MY business, I’m creating a business page for it…and I get that, trust me, I do.

BUT if you REALLY want to get seen, and thus grow your business, you need to be utilizing soft sharing methods on your personal Facebook Page. If you’re not familiar with soft sharing methods, grab GO for Gold here (use the code “newggmember” to get over half off) it’s where I teach how to build out your entire Young Living business by creating a system that brings people to YOU, and then nurtures them until they are members in a heartfelt and authentic way…(it’s how I plowed through Gold in 6 months).

Anywho, check out the video above to see exactly what the algorithm needs from you and also, you can learn about a free tool that shows you EXACTLY where your people are hanging out so you can go hang out with them too, thus building your audience AND your business faster….I mean, hi five to that, right?!

Have the best day, happy watching, and let me know what questions come up in the comments!

xo Martha

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