What changes will you notice in your life after you take your business into your own hands? It can be even better than you think… 

Running a business can be very exciting. It can be fulfilling in ways you never thought it could be, back when you were working for someone else. 

And the more you understand how soul-satisfying your business can be, the more you’ll realize that your life can be anything you want.

That’s how I help people. I help them to create a life that feels better for them. I show them how to generate income and support their families in a way that feels good.

How do I know I’m succeeding at that?

I know because every day, something memorable happens in my business. Something that’s incredibly important to me in my own life… 

People message me and tell me about the awesome stuff that’s starting to happen in their world.

I really feel like I could live off of that! I know we’re supposed to eat and drink and breathe and all of that.

But you should see the messages that I get every day!

Their experiences are incredible.

There are women saying that they out-earned their husbands last month.

There are families saying that their kids are watching them work. And that their family dynamic has improved so much.

And here’s what happens when you start seeing and hearing stuff like that… 

You feel less stressed about money and making ends meet. And it’s not just about making more money. It’s not like money is a king, or all praise goes to money. It’s about having time for everything else. Because you don’t have to worry about your finances.

What does that mean?

It means freedom.

It means opportunity.

And that’s not the only thing that you’ll realize as you’re building your business.

Here are a few more eye-opening lessons.

The Things You’ll Realize While Working on Your Business

#1 Your Family Dynamic Has Changed

What happens when you’re always stressed about whether you’ll be able to pay your bills? Or you’re wondering what will happen if the car breaks down and you can’t afford to get it fixed.

It’s always there in the back of your mind. And it hasn’t even happened yet! You’re just scared that it might because you know that you can’t afford it.

Being afraid of something that may or may not happen is anxiety. Imagine feeling like that every day.

And then imagine that you could get rid of that anxious, depressed, trapped feeling. Imagine that you don’t have to feel like you can’t give your children the lives that you want to give them.

Nobody walks around pregnant, thinking, “I hope I can barely get by. I hope my child sees me barely get by and accepts that as their truth forever.”

We’re all better than that. I know that we can do better. And we want our children to live better, however they want to live.

#2 You’ve Broken Free from Social Conditioning

The reality is that this mentality is something we’re taught by social conditioning. And not only that. There’s also conditioning by the media and the five corporations that own everything.

They make us believe that we have no right to think we can live outside those norms. So we live these less-than-satisfactory lives. We feel depressed and stressed out. And accept that as “normal.”

So what do we do?

We go to the doctor and ask for something to help us feel better.

To recover from the melancholy we feel. The sorrow and desperation that actually comes from the narrative society shoves down our throats. And it isn’t even true! 

But we believe it.

What if we just stopped believing in what the society teaches us?

What if, instead of believing all that, we tossed it in the garbage?

Because that’s where it belongs!

#3 You’ve Taken Control of Your Life (And Inspired Others to Do the Same)

Rather than believing in the lies that society teaches us, you can take control of your life. You can decide what happens and show up in service for people.

Because you are the hands and feet of our Creator.

Instead of this other narrative, you can bless people around you and receive the same in return.

What if your children saw you do that?

They don’t have to listen to society telling them to fit into these small boxes. That everybody should look the same, or else they’re not normal.

They could see what you’re doing instead.

You’ll be showing up differently… and that can have a ripple effect.

You’ll help create a future generation of people who are going to change the world and make a difference. They won’t be like everybody else. Because that only satisfies those five corporations. 

It won’t satisfy your children.

Because they won’t want to be another piece of that system.

#4 You’ve Started a Revolution

The most memorable things that have happened to me in my business are the things that are happening to you and your family.

When you start changing things in your world, and showing people that “normal” isn’t normal, you’re doing something amazing. You’re creating a tidal wave.

I have people in my Home-Based Revolution program who, three months ago, never thought that they’d be doing things they’re doing today.

I know that because I’m getting their messages.

And you should know that “Revolution” is part of the name by design. It’s not by accident.

Because we’re changing the norm. We’re changing the way people see themselves and the expectations they put on themselves.

We’re showing them that there’s a better way.

Life can look better and feel better.

It doesn’t have to be the way that you’re living it right now.

You Can Change the World

The first step to breaking free is getting rid of the useless narrative that keeps you locked in. You need to realize that you can do whatever you want to do with your life. You can do big things!

Society has made us believe that we should fit into these one-inch-by-one-inch boxes. Once you realize that’s a lie, you’ll start changing your world.

Then you’ll start changing the world of the people around you. Your community is out there… and you’ll find the best way to help them.

You’ll teach your children not to believe the lies that society is feeding them. That will create a future generation that follows their dreams. And lives the lives that they design for themselves.

The best time to take that first step is now.

Do you need support on the way?

Shoot my FB Business page @Livinthedreamwithmartha a message with the words “case study” and we’ll have a quick chat, I’ll answer all questions you have and you’ll join or you won’t and either way is totally cool….just know HBR is rockin’ people’s worlds….real life change is happening.  We have people at $12k/mo just 4 months in…you’re next 🙂