Can Affiliate Marketing Really Be Easy AND Profitable?

Can affiliate marketing really be easy and profitable? I’ll share Rebecca’s amazing story as an example of what’s possible. Rebecca is an Affiliate Marketing University (AMU) student. If you haven’t heard about AMU is my training where I teach you how to do affiliate marketing in a way that isn’t skeezy.  Rebecca shared that before AMU she had been an Amazon affiliate for six years. She has been collecting affiliate sites forever but has never known what to do with them. She’s been trying to get her brand and her business off the ground. You might know how that feels. Rebecca would go on Instagram you see all these amazing like influencers and she felt like man, if I’ve gotta get my life together before doing affiliate marketing, how am I gonna do this?

You should know that Rebecca isn’t all the way through the AMU training, and she is still seeing success with the steps she has learned.  She is literally rocking this with a baby on her hip and here is the best part – it is already profitable. That’s what we want as moms – to get paid to make memories with our kids. She doesn’t have to sacrifice time away from her children to do this.  Rebecca describes herself as a hot mess on social media and people relate! The way that I teach you guys to do affiliate marketing is so natural. Rebecca totally gets it and you can too. You can hear more about her story in this short video.

It’s time to live our mission and do what sets our soul on fire.  That’s really what it’s about.

I front load the content in this training with actionable steps so you can learn to make money right now. Today as I write this blog you can join AMU and get six months of the new membership included at no additional cost. When the membership launches it will be $67/month. I’ll give you the inside track here. The pre-launch offer is only $297 and that includes the six-months of the membership that will cost $402. I want this to be accessible to everyone. It’s time to come together to help families who are struggling financially. If you are wondering how much money you can make as an affiliate marketing, check out this blog post I wrote here.

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