Can You Really Make Money From Affiliate Marketing? (Testimonial)

Can you really make money with affiliate marketing? When you google affiliate marketing the results you get are weird. As a result, a lot of people don’t try it. Nobody wants to be skeezy. So, what we’ve created is a system that allows people to crush affiliate marketing.

 It’s so authentic that it doesn’t feel weird at all.

AMU or Affiliate Marketing University is the membership that launches on August 29th. I launched this membership with a stand-alone course. You can access that course for a lifetime if you purchase AMU before we go live. You will love the daily action items. There are also additional income streams. We will introduce you to trusted partners with special offers just for our community.  You can learn more here.

Does our system work? You betcha! One of my students from Affiliate Marketing University, Lynn,  joined me in the short video above to share her experience. Before Lynn started AMU, she saw a lot of people promoting affiliate marketing.

She actually started partnering with a company because she loved their products and had been using them for a year.  Then she realized the company didn’t have any education on how to share their product.

Then Lynn found AMU.  She learned how to maximize what she could offer people and realized she didn’t have to talk about the products all the time. Just to bring clarity for people that are reading this, the company Lynn was with was a network marketing company.  Then the company pivoted and started to offer a regular retail affiliate experience.

I look forward to every company doing that. There is so much money being left on the table right now. How much money can you make through affiliate marketing? I wrote a short blog about that you can check it out here. 

Companies have affiliate opportunities and it’s up to us to plug into those and earn those commissions by sharing products and services we truly love and use.

Lynn shared that while she is a beginner, AMU is giving her the opportunity to play and practice and notice when she does something that doesn’t work.  She gets feedback and that’s important. As she continues to build her affiliate business she has a better idea of what to do and how to do it in the most efficient manner.




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