Category You may already know I have a pretty “colorful” backstory splattered with bits of alcoholism, food addiction, domestic violence and some other things I experienced while “off the beaten path”… But here’s some real talk…even in my darkest moments….like when I was living in a basement post-divorce…a raging alcoholic, unable to feed myself…feeling like a pretty big disappointment to everyone in my life…I still had moments of clarity. Moments that seemed to take me up above my current situation and give me perspective that that wasn’t me. I had more to give. I had surrendered already…but I had surrendered to something that wanted to take me down. And how easy it was to surrender to that…is was so slow, so fun at first….it was “normal”…until it wasn’t. Until it was slowly killing me. So I took my control back. I picked myself up (with the help of my now…

This was my life. I would diet, and by that I mean, pretty much any diet you can think of…so weight watchers, nutrisystem, keto, caloric restriction…really everything…shakes…you know what I’m saying…I was overweight, and I didn’t want to be, and because these different “methods” were claiming success, I would try them….and every single time, I would go for a couple of weeks, and then binge.