Consistency vs. Hustle (and no, they are not the same thing)

What is the difference between consistency and hustle? Consistency is doing something repeatedly at the same time. Consistency can be doing something three days a week, it doesn’t have to be taking action every single day. Hustle is working, working, working, often past the point of diminishing returns. I believe we hit the point of diminishing returns at four hours a day. A lot of entrepreneurs believe they have to work all the live long day, but in reality, at some point, you reach the point of diminishing returns, which means you do not get back the energy you put in. You can watch my short video on this here. 

In the consistency model for affiliate marketing, which is what I teach you, you only need to work thirty minutes to one hour a day. Now, you need to be consistent and work that daily. When you want to kick up extra income streams, you can kick up your effort.  You shouldn’t have to work more than 5-10 hours a week.  Hustle is when you’re working frantically from a place of scarcity. When you hustle, you are focused on making money. Have you felt that before? Changing your perspective on this is going to feel so incredible and it’s going to require a pivot. I wrote a short blog post about how and when to pivot here.

To be able to make the same amount of money working 30 minutes a day as you do working 40 hours a week – that is what nobody wants to tell you is real. I show you it’s real.

In case you’re not aware, I have a free training on how to do this stuff. I’m here to help you get out of the hustle because that’s just no way to live. You can find my free training here.  My family’s goal is to make sure all families are okay. When you’re hustling you lose spirit.  You forget about your priorities. I want to help you stop doing that. You may feel in your core that this is what you’re supposed to do because you’ve been told that’s what you should do. You can push back against that idea and say no more. You can’t change things when you’re on your death bed, looking back on your life. You can change things today.  Let’s make sure we are showing up consistently and intentionally everyday.





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