Day 3 of Traffic and Conversion Summit!

I recently spoke at the Traffic and Conversion Summit (TNC) and was thrilled that the room was full and stayed that way! It was a fantastic talk and I loved hanging out with people afterward. The people in the audience really responded to our goal to help be sure everyone is OK right now – especially economically.

Typically, I talked to families, so I gear my messaging toward families.  You know I teach you from a marketing standpoint to know your audience. At this event my audience was businesspeople. That group included people that either own their own businesses or have corporations.

I sat down at the very beginning of my talk. I got quiet. I looked straight at the audience and looked around.  I said I know there are some of you here that are with a business and it’s doing really well. Your business is just crushing and you’re hoping over the course of these three days that you’re going to find things to continue to blow up your business.

I also know that there are those of you in the room that are hoping and praying that you pick up something in these three days that is going to be able to save your business. I talk more about that in the short video at the top of this blog. Just based on data statistics, that’s how it goes.

My goal was to condense down my master class into this talk and gear it for businesses. I told them by the end of the talk I wanted them to be able to do affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing in the way that I teach you.  I wanted everyone to financially be OK while they are figuring out how to actually grow their business.  I don’t want anyone going broke chasing their dream. You can make money with affiliate marketing – in fact, it’s one-quarter of my income. I wrote a short blog about that here. 

If you are ready to have complex ideas made easily, Affiliate Marketing University and The Inner Circle are for you.

I teach people how to make money from home using what they already know and we start with affiliate marketing. I’m seeing families find success daily and it is exactly what I’m put on this earth to do. When I say family I mean the whole family because everyone is welcome – kids included. You can learn more here.



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