Here’s an easy action item for you today. I love action items. If you love them as well, you need to be in the membership for Affiliate Marketing University. I’ll be sharing daily action items for you to move your business forward. Today I’m sharing something fun that you can do to grow your business and better serve your community.

Think of friends that own businesses that serve the same community your business serves – but in a different way. Connect and partner with them and watch both your businesses grow.

It’s as simple as the fact that you support the same people in different ways. Here’s an example. I help people grow businesses and somebody else helps teach people about business insurance.  We help the same people in different ways.You both end up better serving your audiences and that can translate to goodwill as well as income for your bank account.

This is what happens when you are truly serving your people.  When good people link arms and work together that’s when real magic can happen. Trust me when I say I practice what I preach. I’ve built so many relationships over the years. In the next two weeks alone I’m at summits that have 200,000 people. I have an event I’m going to speak at this Fall that has almost a million people participating.  These opportunities are the result of relationships that I’ve built and the collaborations that result will help all of our communities. You can learn more in the short video at the top of this blog.

 That’s why I want you to focus on friends you can link arms with that you trust. Start getting creative about how you can help each other’s audience. In my next blog, I’ll share suggestions on what to do from there. You will see the impact collaborations can have on an audience when Affiliate Marketing University (AMU) goes live.

If you’re not in AMU yet you can jump in today right here and get 6 freaking months of the membership for free! That is up to a $282.00 value and AMU is only $297 today.  When you start the membership you’re immediately going to get basically have an opportunity to get $1600 back through a collaboration with one of my friends. Pretty cool how that works right? If you want to see if AMU really works you can check out this short blog.

Have the Best Day