Easy Action Item To Grow Your Business Today(Part 2)

In yesterday’s blog, I recommended you find people that serve the same people that you serve – in a different way. This is where all my collaborations come from. This is the best way to grow your business. It is literally how I am getting hundreds of thousands, if not millions of eyeballs, without buying ads. I share more about that in the short video above.

It’s about building good relationships with the right partners for your people.

So yesterday you thought of friends that you would like to partner with to better serve your people. Today, I want you to set up a meeting with them.  You’re going to put your heads together and think of what you can do for your communities. What are some solid examples of this in action?

Let’s say you serve people in their 60’s by helping them with their health.  I recommend you find a financial advisor in your area and have them offer your audience a review to be sure their nest egg is solid. So one partner comes in and talks about maintaining your health and one comes in to talk about making sure that their money is OK.

As a result, you can be healthy but worry about what life looks and feels like on a daily basis. Your audience wants to be thriving, right? You don’t want to retire and then worry about your finances.  So, those are two people that would be really good as partners.

So, that’s your daily action today.  It sounds simple, but whenever you get into it you’re gonna see it’s going to take some time and effort.  My advice to you is not to think about what could it be from your standpoint. You really need to think from their standpoint. What is the best thing they could possibly get from your partnership? Think about helping each other with our wheelhouses that connect yes that’s exactly it that’s exactly how we have and continue to build our business it’s exactly how it happens guys.

It’s not complicated it’s just focusing on your people. How you can best serve your people. Who can help you do that? If you love the idea of collaborations and partnerships, Affiliate Marketing University is that place for you. It’s where I will be sharing my best offers from my partners and you can learn more and join here.



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