Friends Ask Friends for This (This is a movement, by the way)

What is it that friends ask friends for? So, you may know that we recently held a retreat in Orlando. Everyday a group of us would go to kickboxing. One morning on the way back to the retreat from kickboxing someone was talking about a book that sounded really cool. So, I asked them to send me a link for that book. We all laughed because friends ask friends for their links, their affiliate links that is.

This is something that our world hasn’t become accustomed to and sometimes we feel like there is actually a weird aspect to it. It’s almost like the crabs in a bucket mentality. If you’re not familiar with what crabs in a bucket mentality is, it’s that you can have one crab in a bucket and it’s going to be totally fine. When you have more than one crab in a bucket and a crab tries to climb out, the other crabs will pull him back down. There are people that live life with the crabs in a bucket mentality. Sometimes they’re really close to you. Have you ever had someone who is actually fighting for you not to succeed? We’ve got to make sure we recognize when that is happening and focus on our friends who support us. I talk more about that in this short video.

Here’s the deal guys, friends are going to support you. So, if you have a friend that says hey, I love this book or I really love this kitchen tool, ask your friend for their affiliate link. When we buy from their link, our friends get a kick back. We don’t spend a penny more. You guys, this is a movement! Friends ask us for links and are going to speak life over us. I write about how important that is in this short blog post

I know that might sound silly. But this is such an incredible way for us to take care of each other. In the times that we’re living in right now nobody is taking care of us. It’s our job to take care of each other. There are companies out there offering affiliate programs and there’s big money being left on the table. If you’d like to learn how about affiliate links and how we can support each other I have a free training for you here.



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