Heart-Centered People Can Crush Network Marketing…Here’s How

I’m here for the people who have been trying and failing in network marketing for years and years and years.

The ones who gave and gave and desperately wanted to make it work but didn’t have the system in place that they needed. Did you know that fifty percent of network marketers quit before their first year is up? Honestly, I thought it would be a higher percentage. From the ones who are left after that first year, ninety percent will stay and try to make it work for five years.

That’s a long time! People are sticking with things they don’t even like doing because they want a way out. They want freedom for their families, and I want that for you too.

Let me just call out the elephant and say that network marketing is just one of my streams of income. It can’t have all of my attention all day long. That’s not sustainable to my business growth overall. Not one of my income streams has my attention all day long but that’s what we’re told to do in network marketing. Call all of your friends, spam your family, throw a party. Sound familiar?

When I started in network marketing, I didn’t want to feel gross about it. I thought surely there was someone out there teaching it in a way that aligned with my soul. But no one was. So, I had to create a system myself.
The number one reason for divorce is financial stress. Can you believe that? That statistic breaks my heart. Kids are growing up without both parents and being turned into different people because of trauma. For what? Because of money? How about we fix that!

Hi I’m Martha, I’m heart centered, and I know how to CRUSH network marketing. I’m about to disrupt this industry in the best way. If you want a front row seat, jump into my free group that’s specifically for network marketers.

Trust me, you’re not gonna want to miss this.

Have the best day!

xo Martha

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