How Do You Raise An Entrepreneur?

Today’s blog post is special! My sister Sue and I are talking about raising entrepreneurs. Sue homeschools her children and entrepreneurship has come from her family’s core values. They didn’t set out to raise entrepreneurs, they worked to equip their family and their kids with core values. Entrepreneurs can create businesses around how they want to serve the world.

What are some examples of what that can look like? My sister’s oldest, Sam, was missing having a dog. Sue suggested that he could offer dog sitting to get his dog fix. The neighborhood had a website and when they put ten-year-old Sam’s information out to the community people started calling. Sam would go to the neighbor’s house, talk with the adults, shake hands, look them in the eye and share the contract for dog sitting. Sam worked as a dog sitter until he graduated high school.

Over the years Sam followed his parents advise on what to do when you make money. They always taught him to save, tithe and of course enjoy yourself a little as well. Fast forward to when Sam found a girl he wanted to marry and he was able to use the savings from the business he started at 10 years old to buy an engagement ring. You become the version of yourself you chose to be regardless of your station in life. You chose how to show up on a day to day basis. Sam showed up as a business owner.

Nobody told him he couldn’t do it.

What are the core values that guided Sue’s family? They chose five. They are to love God, tell the truth, be kind, family comes first and work hard. Does your family have a set of values you use to guide your life? I challenge you to come up with 5 family core values for your family today. You can hear more how Sue’s family lives out these values in this short interview with me here. Taking responsibility for your life like Sue and her family did can change everything. I talk about that in this blog post you will want to check out. If you are interested in becoming an entrepreneur or supporting your child as an entrepreneur join my Free Facebook Group Families Creating Legacies where I teach families to grow businesses from home that create income and impact.

Have the best day!

xo Martha

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