How I Am Building A Whole New Brand That Just Helps, And Isn’t A Business….But Makes Money

Ready to hear how I’m creating a whole new brand that will help people and make money?  I’m not selling anything – I’m laser focused on helping families. Last week I attended a Mastermind and as I connected with people, I realized how creating this whole new brand can have such an impact. The first day someone was sharing their various businesses with me and when they got to one – suddenly something shifted.  They had hit the business that truly spoke to their purpose. They lit up. You can hear more in this short video here. 

As we continued to talk, they shared how important it was to them that other people understand this concept they were sharing that would help others. Then I asked her questions. So how are you getting the word out about this concept? How are you getting that message out there? She responded that she had an Instagram account That’s great. Then she said something I knew you needed to know about. She said that her frustration with what she is doing is that whenever she goes to Google, there’s no answers. There’s nobody that knows any of this stuff. I’m like, it’s time for you to build a brand around this. Even kids can do it and here’s a fun blog about that. 

It’s time for you to be able to show up and serve.

How many of you guys are reading this right and just want to help people? You don’t necessarily want to sell things. You really just want to help. Well, that’s what I’m literally going to be doing it in front of you.  I’m going to be building out a brand that does just this in front of you. So, you’re going to be able to see how it’s done. If you’re already in AMU that means you have six free months in the membership.  That is where I’m going to be documenting the build out of this brand, what it looks like, how things need to be set-up, how you get people’s attention, and how you really grow this thing that you were born to grow.  So, instead of feeling stuck work a 40 or 80 hour a week job in order to make ends meet I can show you how to monetize without selling anything. If that sounds interesting check out the free One Hour Mastermind here. 




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