How I Grew My YouTube Channel to 100,000+ Subscribers (without ads)

How did my YouTube channel grow to 100,000 subscribers plus without ads?  The channel has been building for six years. This is not an overnight success.  I didn’t crack some sort of crazy code on growth.

This was consistent effort.  I know that isn’t the sexy thing to say.  Most people want to hear that they can grow to 100,000 plus subscribers in 60 days.  Honestly, if you grow to 100,000 plus subscribers in 60 days that is not sustainable or real.  So, I’m going to tell you what I do every day on YouTube and then you can determine what that would look like in your world. What would that look like with your brand and your people?

I just show up every day. There’s a trick to this and I’m going to tell you my trick.  I pay attention to what people are searching for – not what random people are searching for – but what my people are searching for.  I know who my people are so that is the very first thing that you need to know.  Who are your people? You need to know what they’re looking for. I talk more about that in the short video at the top of this blog.

You might be asking how to get paid and I’m going to tell you that’s not the right question to ask. It’s absolutely not how you grow your YouTube channel.

You do not focus on dollars when growing your YouTube channel.

Focus on giving education.

YouTube is the “how do I” channel meaning people go onto YouTube to learn how to do things. Kids might search for how to play certain video games.  Adults might be searching for how to change the oil in their car. It is critical that you don’t simply regurgitate something someone else has said. You’ve got to be ethical and offer value yourself. If you want tips on how to go viral I wrote a short blog post about that here. 

This is the trick you can use to find what your people are looking for. Go to Google and type in what you help people do.  So, I would type in affiliate marketing.  Once you get your search results, scroll down a little bit and you will see “people are also searching for.” This is literally Google telling you what people are looking for as it pertains to what you offer. Now let’s all go grow our channels!




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