How I Made My First Income Stream While Still Working My Day Job

Today I’m sharing about my very first income stream. I was working 9-5 in corporate America but, I needed something more. My very first realization was this paycheck ain’t cutting it and that paycheck can only go so high. What do I do with that information? Have you ever felt that way? Then I asked myself how I make more than this realistically. How do I really get dollars into my bank account? At that point in time,

I was down to the wire, behind the eight ball, I was stressed.

 In the world we live in, dollars mean freedom.  If you have enough money you don’t have to work that day job. As I looked for a way to make more money I chose affiliate marketing.  When I quit my full-time job, my affiliate marketing income was around 5K/month. That’s when I realized my first income stream could be the right first income stream for you! You can learn more by listening to this short video.

Affiliate marketing is suggesting other people’s products and services that you would suggest anyway. Honestly most of us are doing this everyday. I teach you a short game and a long game. You can learn more about that in my free master training you can find here. I’m still getting passive income on work I did 11 years ago, and I believe that is the name of the game when it comes to extra income for our families,

I show you how to set up these things today and start making deposits into your future. That is real talk.

 I’m literally showing you what I do and how I do it so check out my free Facebook Group here and the MasterClass is pinned right to the top.One of the cool things about affiliate marketing Is the whole family can get involved, even the kids! I wrote a short blog post about that here.  By the time you are done watching it you can start making money – let’s do this



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