How Much Money Can You Make as an Affiliate Marketer?

How much money can you make as an affiliate marketer? I make multiple six-figures each month. I’m here to share that you can make as much money as you want. It’s the best way to be an independent contractor. You don’t have a boss. You do things to drive traffic to companies but here’s the beautiful thing – you choose the companies you work with. There are companies that approach me every day to ask me to share their products and my team doesn’t even share half of them with me because they just don’t fit for me, and they know it.

When you look up affiliate marketing it looks so skeezy! I don’t teach that – the way I teach it is the way I do it on my own – I’ve been doing this for years. There is a short game and a long game. The short game is putting something on social media and that works for one to two days. The long game is for it to always be there on your You Tube and on your website. You gain traction when you give people solutions for things they are struggling with or working on. The best part of when friends ask friend for affiliate links! I share more about that in this short blog post. 

One of my superhero traits is understanding SEO: Search Engine Optimization.

I understand algorhythmic changes even before Google announces them. That means I know how to help you push your website higher in searches. I explain why that is so important and how you can leverage it to help serve your audience and build your business in this short video. 

That is what passive income is – you do something once and you benefit from it forever.

I have a free master class to get you started in my Facebook group here. Even if you feel you have nothing to say and no one listens to you will realize YOU really do! Stop listening to the narrative that you need marketers. You are everything you need, and you can start right now, It is time to kick the old narrative in the teeth. It is time to push back against the story that you aren’t enough.  You were designed for more and your kids are watching you. They are watching you to see what is possible for them. Let’s show them what’s possible.



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