How To AVOID “Commission Breath” As A Real Estate Agent

Whether you are already a real estate agent or are thinking about becoming one this is for you! One of the keys to success in any sales space is avoiding commission breath. What is commission breath? We are all guilty of having it at some point. It’s what happens when you are so freaked out that you are not going to get a sale that you exude stress and anxiety. Your client ends up feeling like you need them to buy something. When we are making offers and selling things we can’t be in that space. We need to be doing what works best for our clients, not ourselves.

Why does commission breath happen? If you don’t have money to pay the bills, you are going to inadvertently move into that space. You can’t help it. It isn’t because you are a sleazy salesperson. You are working to feed your family. It doesn’t make you a bad person. If you recognize that you have done that before it is OK. Let’s fix it. Here is the truth.

The easiest way to get a sale is if you don’t need to get the sale.

How is it possible to feel like you don’t need to make a sale? Don’t make real estate your only source of income. You give yourself some freedom. You can load balance where your money is coming from. The most amazing real estate agents are going to be people who

have other streams of income, so they aren’t so anxious about getting sales. You know teaching people how to develop multiple income streams is my specialty, right? I give you a few suggestions in my video on this topic here.

Jump into my Facebook Community to learn more about developing multiple income streams from home so you can focus on your client, not on getting the sale. That is when your real estate business and your life will truly change.

Have the best day!

xo Martha

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