Let me start by saying that I don’t want you making the mistakes other people make. That’s why I show up every single day for you.

The first mistake that so many entrepreneurs make is that they ask the opinions of the wrong people. Sometimes those people look like family or childhood friends, and they listen to them because surely they know what they’re talking about, right? Wrong.

If they don’t have the success that you want in the way that you want it, they are not the right person to be getting advice from. Why are we asking them about business advice if they don’t have a successful business in the way we want to run ours? You need to ask the people who have been through it for their advice because they’ll give you solid stuff. Everyone else is going to give you some rendition of their own limitations, and if you’re not careful, they’ll sell you on their limitations instead of helping you overcome yours.

The second mistake a lot of entrepreneurs make is that they choose their mentor based on the wrong criteria. They see someone touting their success and figure they know what they’re talking about. Their success shouldn’t be measured by how many ads they have out there. Run your mentor through the criteria of a) are they where I want to be? And b) did they get there the way I want to get there?

The third mistake that entrepreneurs make is having too many mentors. They treat all of their different mentors like an advisory team and instead of listening to one of them, they try to pull pieces from all of them. If you’re doing that, you’re stuck. You’ve got to choose one mentor to listen to and run that mentor through your filters.

I may be the only person who will speak this truth to you and that’s because I want you to win.

To hear about the fourth mistake that entrepreneurs make go ahead and watch the video I did here.

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Have the best day!

xo Martha