Changemaker’s Den is the membership that can change everything. When you join you become part of my Facebook group where I deliver four intensive trainings each month. In our most recent intensive I shared The Explosive Group Cheatsheet™ which gives you step by step guidance on how you can create real growth and engagement in your groups.

A Facebook group is nothing without momentum. If your group doesn’t feel like it has momentum, Changemaker’s Den is where I show you how to fix that. This is the easy button to moving the needle on your business. I literally had people seeing increased interaction in their Facebook groups during the workshop. The gold nuggets I deliver are simple to implement and no, I’m not talking about paying for ads. I’m showing you how to finally crack the code and end the frustration.

Do you feel like the minute you get a handle on algorithms Facebook changes everything?

I’m here to help. You may have had Facebook trainings in the past. Here is the thing. What works today is different than what worked just a few months ago. I’m sharing what works today. I’m sharing how to find and engage the right people for your group. At the end of the day, the world has changed, and the way we do business should have changed as well. Many people are missing out on this change, and they are wasting their money on ads, direct mail, and all sorts of “tactics” to grow, but it’s just putting them in the poorhouse.

Not on my watch. If you’d like to learn the strategies that can get your Facebook Group suggested to the prime people you need to grow a million-dollar Facebook Group join us in Changemaker’s Den here. It’s only $1 for your first month and $37 per month afterwards. If this all sounds great but you’d like help putting it together and posting, my team is super reasonable and we can help. Just email [email protected] and we’ll have a chat.

Have the best day!

xo Martha