This is one of the most needed, yet least talked about things, in my opinion.

We can talk commission structures and how to build legs all day long, but unless you have a constant influx of new people into your world, that is all just strategy with no chance of implementation…and to me, that’s a quick trip to frustration-ville….which my job is to keep you away from!

So, let’s chat..

In the above video I break down in super easy terms, places to go and types of things to say in order to be able to constantly be in a state of ATTRACTING PEOPLE TO YOU…

Now, is attracting all that matters?

Heck no, but it IS necessary for everything else to work.

Let’s think of it this way…if you have the world best diamond carver (you guys, I don’t even know if that’s a thing, but in my mind, it sharpens and cuts diamonds? I don’t know…just try to stay with me..)…

Anyway…say you have the worlds best diamond carver….it works amazingly, every function of it is spot on…no problems whatsoever…

But never put diamonds in it…

Well….you got nothin, right?

We need to constantly be bringing new and different people into our world, so they can enter our system. (the system is GO for Gold, by the way…that’s the system I created to have my own team hit GOLD in 6 months, and is duplicating thousands of times over at this point …use the code “newggmember” to get over half off if you don’t have it yet)

And when we constantly bring people in…then it’s just a matter of time for them to be nurtured into members through that system.

But again…we need to keep the faucet on…we always need to be in a constant state of bringing people in…

If you’re a checklist person, I have something called Silver Made Simple that runs alongside GO for Gold, and literally shows you how I build my own business in under 2 hours a day…in checklist form…targeted and coordinated with a bigger strategy that you don’t even have to think about…just do the daily things 🙂 Anywho, that’s Silver Made Simple if you want to try it out 🙂

Now, if ALL of this is totally new and foreign to you, check out my guide on

5 Ways To Set Yourself Apart As A Young Living Distributor WITHOUT Teaching Classes as a gift, just click here.

I hope you took a lot out of this video, and feel free to share it with your own teams, upline, downline and crossline friends.

It’s time for ALL OF US to WIN!!!

Let’s DO THIS!!!

xo Martha

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