This is one of the questions I answer the most for people, so I just put it in video form, so it’s super easy to digest.

The main idea behind this is “getting” people on ER isn’t an us vs. them thing, and it’s really strange, but from what I see out there, it kind of has that energy about it…and I’m CERTAIN that’s not the intention, but it’s still the energy, so it has to be addressed.

A lot of builders come to me and ask, “How do I get more people on ER?”….ok well let’s break that down super quick…

What would need to happen for someone to feel SAFE on ER, or autoship, which is really what it is…and where MOST people’s fears lie anyway.

And to talk about that, we need to talk about what the word “autoship” means to people these days…

It means being stuck. It means paying for things they don’t need. It may mean having their bank account overdrawn and putting their family in financial danger. I know these all sound dramatic, but it’s the truth. It’s what it means to people, and we can’t change that. We just need to speak to it.

In order to “get” people on ER, we need to share the benefits of course, but that goes without saying…more than that, we need to actually make sure that people are getting the solutions they are looking for with Young Living, and then we can connect the dots of getting on ER because then it makes sense.

I mean, if they are going to spend the money either way, it only makes sense to get money back…but unless they are there…in that part of the understanding and in that part of the process…they aren’t ready to be talked to about ER.

Now, that said…SOME people are ready right when they get their kit, and there is a way I phrase it in the video that is an easy breezy way to approach that….but for the people that have been bitten before by the autoship monster….they will need more…and I cover that in the video as well.

Let me know in the comments what you loved about the video!

xo Martha

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