How can you get ready for the next Young Living contest? I know what we need to be doing today. When you do this, you avoid that hurry-up and instant panic that happens when a new contest is announced, because you haven’t been doing what it takes.

It’s time to be proactive and stop being reactive

When we have been working systems, showing up every day and we’re already nurturing our algorithmic reach, we’re already ready. We’ve laid the foundation. The contest can help your business pop off. The preparation means using a systematic approach like the Go for Gold approach. That’s the course I made for you that is very very inexpensive where I teach you how I grew to Gold in YL within six months. That typically takes four to five years. You can learn more and check out Go for Gold here and here is the Young Living Income Disclosure since we talked about ranks.

When you are already using a systematic approach to build your business and a contest comes along, that’s a chance to light it up. If you’re in Cutting Edge when that contest starts, you are going to destroy.

Cutting Edge is where I not only share my systems – I do the heavy lifting for you.

When you follow my systems before the next contest, you’ll start kicking off your algorithmic reach, people will know what you’re doing. You need the basis of your business to be built out. I talk more about that in the short video at the top of this blog.

My systems first help you know who you’re serving – who you’re actually talking to. Because when you don’t know who that is – you cannot do anything else. That is going to set you apart from all of the other 6 million Brand Partners. You have to set yourself apart – not in competition, but you have to let your person know why they’re going to join you.
This is not my first rodeo. Now – here is the thing that most people don’t realize.

We should always be acting like there’s a contest going on.

We should always have professionalism and urgency because the urgency isn’t urgency about making money off of people. The urgency is an urgency in helping them and their family be better. That is what we are here for – join us.

Have the Best Day