Affiliate marketing done the best way is just helping to share a company’s products that you align with and support. Affiliate marketing done the wrong way would be people sharing things that you haven’t used, and you can’t personally recommend.  What families don’t realize is that we’re leaving a lot of money on the table and when you learn how to share what you love this way it can change everything!

We are all experiencing inflation and it’s putting families in a really scary situation. My suggestion is, let’s leverage what we already use, and what we already probably talk about, and be able to make money.   I am a professional affiliate marketer and I’m very systematic and methodical about it.  I believe that the best way to get started is to look around at what you’re already using and loving.  It is as simple as taking a notebook and start writing down things that you use and love on a regular basis.

Then, you take that list and Google the item with its brand name + affiliate program.  Once you see what types of affiliate programs pop up in your search, you can reach out to them to become an affiliate.  Amazon affiliates is a great place to start. Whenever you’re signing up to become an Amazon affiliate, they ask you a ton of questions. Answer the questions truthfully, and don’t stress if you don’t have everything, they are asking for. They are simply screening for scammers. You aren’t a scammer. Your kids can even join in. I’ve got a great blog post about that here.

Our friends and family are out there buying things that we recommend every single day, the only difference is that we’re not getting paid for it when we could be.

When you become an affiliate, the company will give you a link to share with others. It doesn’t cost anyone more money, in fact, they might get a discount. Guys, friends ask friends for affiliate links.  This is the world we should be living in! I’ve got a free training to help you along the way that you can check out here. I talk more about affiliate marketing in this short video. Let’s change things for ourselves, our families, and our communities because there’s nothing standing in our way.

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