How can you go from Zero to the rank of Star in Young Living? If you go to the compensation plan you’ll see that you need to be a Brand Partner to earn money and rank. It costs less than $15 to become a Brand Partner. Once you are a Brand Partner, in order to hit star all you need is 500 CV or Customer Volume. That is typically about five people ordering products from you.

The first thing I recommend when you start something is to keep the end goal in mind.
Maybe your goal is to line yourself up on the road to Royal Crown Diamond. The first place you start is the road to Star.

What you do need to think about is the person you are serving or your Bat Signal. It doesn’t take long. Just get a piece of paper, make a line on the paper, and on either the left or right end of the line have an arrow. This line represents your life. I want you to put hash marks on the line for every time that you went Google crazy looking for a solution to a challenge you had. You are going to pick one of those hash marks and help people struggling with exactly what you were struggling with. I wrote a short blog about how to find your Bat Signal, you can check it out here.

Now, if you are rolling your eyes right now thinking all you want to do is help people and make money and let the money naturally come – that doesn’t work. I talk more about why in the short video at the top of this blog. If you want sustainable success you need to know who you’re helping. You need to know who you’re talking to.

There’s a rule for this. You can’t take longer than an hour thinking about this.
If you spend any longer than an hour you will put yourself into a self-induced paralysis.
That is the biggest barrier between zero and Star. You have to know who you are talking to.

I also recommend that you surround yourself with people who support you. If you’re not in my Free Facebook group YL Goldgetters 2.0 you can join that here for TONS of free training and challenges that will BLOW UP your YL business without question. We have over 16,000 partners in there that lift each other up and support each other.

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