How To Handle Not Believing in Yourself

How can you handle not believing in yourself? This is critical because believing in yourself is the basis of everything. For example, I teach people to create income from home.  Most people think that’s great; I’m going to do that.  Then, they start working on it, and there’s a natural thing that happens. Their brain starts to ask what are you doing? Who are you? Self-doubt starts to creep in.  Then other people start to add to that by criticizing or naysaying. That adds rocket boosters to your self-doubt. It happens to everybody.  I explain the science behind that and more in this short video.

When you live stuck inside of your perception of yourself and other people’s expectations, it’s hard to believe in yourself when you are doing something new.

Here is the secret guys. You can become the hero of your own story in a split second.  You can change your family’s trajectory in a split second. To do that, you need to keep hold of a belief in yourself first by surrounding yourself with people that believe in you. There is no way to explain how important this is. If you need a community that will help you hold on to your belief in yourself join my free Facebook Group here. We got you! The second thing is to hold tight to the vision of what you’re here to do and what that means to your people.  When you know who you are meant to serve and how you’re meant to help them – that can help you hold on to belief. Because if you don’t share your solution, if you aren’t there to guide them, people will stay stuck.

That is how this works. It’s beautiful our lives are so intertwined with each other.  Society has made us feel like it’s US against the world and it’s not. It never should have been. It’s us doing this, but in order for us to do this, we have to be able to maintain our faith in who we are and what we were meant to do. If you are interested in starting your own business, I’ve got a free training which is a great place to start. You can watch it here. It’s one hour and you can make money without spending money. That is a great way to start. Now, let’s keep moving forward together.



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