My goal is to make sure you’re pushing the needle on your business.

That’s what I filter my decisions through. That’s why I give so much away for free. I do that so that it helps you get a result and then if you decide you want to buy a course about how to create an entire business out of nowhere, you’ll come to me.

Let me ask you this. Are you building your audience? Have you been cultivating relationships with your people? I see so many people throwing their products around like confetti trying to get anyone to buy something but they’ve skipped the most crucial step. They’ve skipped over creating trust and community through relationship building.
If you think of your business like a tree, throwing ads out there basically means you don’t have a deep root system. What happens to a tree with no roots? It falls. Building relationships with your people is growing your roots. Our root system with our people is so deep that we’ve created incredible loyalty. Other people could try to woo my people away and they’d be like “umm, no thanks.”

My people stay with me because I stay with them. If people are already buying from you, why is that? You need to make sure you repeat that. The one thing that’s going to change your sales is building an audience. Building an audience means knowing who your people are and speaking directly to them. It’s being there for them and giving them precisely what they need at every turn.

Being committed to serving your people will change your entire business. I am living proof you guys. You have to show up in service and you have to build trust with your audience. Do that, and the game will change for you.

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Have the best day!

xo Martha