How To Make An Amazing Facebook Live That Builds Your Business Without Looking Salesy

In my effort to make sure everyone’s frequently asked questions are answered, we are moving on to doing Facebook Lives!

But not just DOING them….doing them in a way that builds your authority with your audience, builds your business, and keeps you from looking like a salesperson…how bout dat?

Facebook Lives are a total algorithm hack. They show up in front of you AS someone is live, then in your notifications, you’ll see that the person was live before you see most other things…

As you are bringing people to your audience via my strategy (the strategy is GO for Gold here: , and right now there is a discount code for over half off, which is “newggmember”) then our next job is to educate, entertain, and inspire them.

That’s where your Facebook lives come in.

But even a live isn’t just a live.

There is a strategy to HOW you do the live, and what you guide to do at the end…all of that is in the short video above ^^^

And just so you know, because people always ask if you can use this for Instagram and other social media channels as well….it’s a conceptual topic and training that CAN ABSOLUTELY be used across other social platforms 🙂

PS, this is Part 1 in a 2 part series. This video is about what content to have in the videos as well as how to choose a good headline that people will actually watch…

Part 2 will be about the technical side. What cameras we use, what we use for sound and lighting as well.

And also just a head’s up, we travel a lot, so our gear is definitely able to be taken with us. I know a lot of you out there are also into the “work from wherever you are” lifestyle, so part 2 will be a great one to watch!

OK, see you next time!

xo Martha

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