How to run your business during the holiday week

Have you stressed about how to run your business during the holiday week? If you’ve struggled with being present, guilt, and hustle culture I’m going to go ahead and release you from that. It’s time for you to give yourself some grace.

Maybe you feel like if you don’t hustle in the name of financial success then you don’t deserve success. That really is the underlying mentality behind all those feelings, right?

Trust me when I tell you any success that’s achieved through hustle simply isn’t sustainable. When you become successful at the detriment of your relationships, your family, and your own values – that’s just not success. You don’t want to leave a fiery path behind you.

We have to be careful, or we will gain success only to lose everything else.

Here’s the thing. Success means living inside of God’s will for our life. He wants us to be successful in our own right. He doesn’t want us to be successful in other people’s rights. I talk more about that in the short video at the top of this blog.

Maybe you’re hustling because you’re broke. I’ve been broke. I get it. My prayer for you is that you don’t look at “how do I make money fast.” My prayer for you is that you find work that aligns with God’s will for your life. Look for providence. I wrote a short blog about providence here.

If the need is urgent there are things you can do. Go drive Uber. Sell things that you have. Do what you need to do to make a dollar. Don’t sell out your family, your friends, and your community in the process. So, how do we run our business this week? We give ourselves all the grace in the world. We spend time with our friends, our family, and our community. We let work happen outside of that. It’s going to be OK. If you’re not yet in my YL Goldgetters 2.0 group, you can join that here for TONS of free training and challenges that will BLOW UP your YL business without question.

Have the Best Day


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