How to Write a Compelling “About Me” Page in 5 Minutes or Less

What is your “About Me” page? This is a specific part of your website where you share your personal bio. It can be handy to have this prepared because you will be asked for a personal bio. For example, anytime you are on a podcast or speak at an event you will be asked for your bio and you will be ready. I’ll show you how to use a simple and affordable tool to make sure your “About Me” section or bio, is well written and compelling.

This is a tool that tons of content creators and influencers use every day. It is technology that will help you write your “About Me” in a matter of seconds. It is ridiculously inexpensive, saves you so much time and makes you look great. Check out this short video where I walk you through step by step how to use this tool to create your “About Me.”

What should you put in your About Me? The first thing is what you call yourself. What are your labels? Mine include mom, wife, author, motivational speaker, and world premier educator on affiliate marketing. Include places you have been published, blogs and podcasts you have been on. If you are just starting out and don’t have that – no worries.

Simply share who you are, why that matters to people and what you do to help people.

Three easy steps and 600 characters and your “About Me” will be ready to put into the tech to take it to the next level. If you have been through my trainings about how to write your personal bio, grab that and use this tool to make it better. This tech uses artificial intelligence and grabs words on the internet that are creative and high converting. Then it adds them to what you are writing to make your “About Me” next level. Try this tool out (and get 10,000 words for free) here. You can also join us in my Facebook Group where I’m helping everyday start and grow home based businesses here.

Have the best day!

xo Martha

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