Why did I take a wrecking ball to my multi-million-dollar business? I see what’s going on in the economy. I see people dipping into pensions just to afford gas, electricity, and food and those are the lucky ones. I hear about families where the parents are not eating so the kids can eat. That is what is happening in the world.

I have a solution. We can show families how to create income from home, even though they have not been able to before. That is why I pivoted in my business. How do you know when to pivot? I shared a short blog post on that here. I took my business from relatively high-ticket offerings to totally affordable. We need to be accessible to the people that need us. This is ministry. When you put your foot in the Jordan and the water is parted, the way is clear. That was step one – I’m not stopping there. You can hear more about my mission in this short video.

I’m making sure anyone who needs this can access it. We have partnerships, individuals and corporations that are going to sponsor what is needed – like laptops, data plans, things that are necessary for our students and our people. This will take time, because it’s business and partnerships, but I’m starting today.

We are making a massive effort and I’m making this my mission.

I’m committed to helping the underdog – because I once was one! If you feel like an underdog and want to check out my free training that can help you learn how to make income from home starting today, you can find that here.Save this phone number 407-449-7285. We are creating a non- profit to help as we work to get families out of the trenches. If you would like to be a part of this movement or know someone who needs help, make sure they have that phone number as well, because that is how they can offer and access help. We have an event in August you can sponsor today by texting 407-449-7285. Following that, a series of workshops will be offered to take care of the people who need it the most. This is a new day. God is doing a new thing. There will no longer be underdogs.

Have the Best Day