If Your Online Course Isn’t Selling, Try This

All anybody ever wants in this world is to have a trusted resource.

When we’re creating offerings, we need to communicate to our people that we are their trusted resource. We want them to know that we’ll grab their hand and take them to where they want to go. If you can do that, you’re golden.

What we really have to do is prove to people that we know what we’re talking about. It’s also important to be okay with people feeling skeptical. Don’t take it personally you guys. Skepticism has kept us alive for a long time. Just call out the elephant when you’re addressing people. Tell them it’s okay if they’re wondering who the heck you are. Then you give them some of your backstory that will help them understand more about you. You can see me doing this in almost every video I do. That’s by design friends.

Give your people proof that you can take them to where they want to go. Write it out. What does it look like for you? Why are you the trusted guide? Why should the most skeptical person on the planet listen to you? If you’re finding people aren’t listening to you enough it’s because you haven’t given them a reason to yet. That can change and it can change quickly.

Sometimes you need to jump out the window and build your wings on the way down. I see a world where people are taking their control back. I see a world where parents get to choose whether they want to stay at home as a family instead of being forced into it. My vision is so clear that the people around me can see it too. Your people need to be able to do the same thing.

I have an entire five-day challenge that will walk you through every step of creating an amazing course. That’s over in my group so make sure you’re in there!

xo Martha

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