Is Affiliate Marketing University for real? Like does it actually help?

Today, I thought it would be helpful to hear from a student of AMU. In AMU, I teach you about affiliate marketing. I teach you how to share in a graceful way, without ads, that accidentally grows your personal brand. So, let’s talk about Jessica who is a student in AMU.  She had tried affiliate marketing casually before.  In fact, she had $6 sitting in her Amazon Commissions. Jessica works full time outside the home and as she began AMU, it prompted her to think about what she could authentically share with her audience.

She used AMU suggestions on how to prepare for Amazon Prime day and she saw real results. While the Amazon affiliate program is one you may know about, AMU will introduce you to incredible partners who are giving us special access and one-of-a-kind deals. One of the things I teach about in AMU is how there is a short game for affiliate marketing where you can start making money immediately. Then there is a long game and a legacy play. In fact, when you enroll in AMU, the first module is where I walk you through earning your first 1K.

What would an extra $1,000 a month mean to your family? When I asked Jessica what the most exciting thing about AMU was she shared her first success. She made almost $300 on prime days.  That’s a car payment for some of us, right? She just made a couple of posts. She didn’t have to meet with anybody. She didn’t have to drive anywhere. She didn’t have to take time away from her boys. You can hear directly from Jessica in this short video.

Her favorite part? She could casually and authentically share what she uses and loves, and she didn’t have to sell anything.

My mission is to free up families and to make sure that families are good in this economy. Most people don’t love selling anything. They actually want to give things away. They want to help people. Those are my people. That is what inspired me to establish AMU You’re literally just saying here’s the thing that I use – here’s why I use it – here’s why I love it. You can check out my free one-hour training on Affiliate Marketing to learn more here. You can learn more about AMU and join us before the current offer ends here.



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