Kari Lyn Shows How to Find Strength When You Lose It All

Kari had her life all planned out. She had big dreams and had achieved so much. Then she lost it all. She felt she needed to share her story, but it was hard to put on paper. Her writing allowed her to process some of the hardest things in her life – including divorce.

One of Kari’s biggest dreams was to get married and have a family. She married at forty-two and that resulted in divorce, job change, a move, and the feeling that everything she had worked for was lost. She was unable to live on her own as her relationship had left massive debt behind. Fortunately, she and her three beloved dachshunds were able to move in with her parents. Kari started the long hard climb out of debt and into her new life. One of the things she realized quickly is she no longer had a passion for what she once thought was her ideal job.

Kari had to find a new path. She rediscovered her love of learning.

That is when Kari found me, your host, Martha! Kari began to dream again and jumped into my programs where I help everyday families start, grow, and scale their home-based businesses. She learned how to create a business, experienced personal growth and learned how to have massive positive impact.

Sometimes, when we feel like the rug is being pulled out from under us, it is often because we need to have that difficult experience to be able to serve others.

One of the things that makes Kari’s chapter so special is that she reminds us that family can mean so many things. Kari, her mom and dad, her dachshunds and her community make up an amazing family. In The Invincible Family we share about families that aren’t following the traditional path to success. The world is shifting, and we are spearheading what is possible. That is one of the reasons Kari’s interview, which you can check out here, is so powerful! Don’t miss Kari’s chapter which you can find here in The Invincible Family!

If you would like to learn more about how Kari and so many others have found a new way to find success, join us in my Facebook community here.

Have the best day!

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