Leah Parker Shares Real Talk and Real Hope

Leah and her middle school sweetheart dreamed of more for their lives, more for their family.

But they didn’t have a roadmap. There were no examples in their life of how to get ahead. Then Leah found a community and resources that changed everything. She shares her story in our very first book collaboration and you don’t want to miss it!

You will learn about Leah’s incredible journey and meet other families who are choosing to do life differently. They are going against the grain of what you see in the world, and they are succeeding! Leah’s story is special. She will move you as she shares real talk – real hope.

Leah never dreamt that she would be a published author. When a guidance counselor told her that becoming a nurse wasn’t a goal within her reach – well let’s just say that counselor couldn’t have been more wrong. Leah is now a nurse, a published author, and a contributor to nursing journals. The best part? That is just the beginning!

How did Leah make the change? A year ago, Leah dreamt about a different future. This year she started implementing! Putting things into action for herself and her children. They key was surrounding herself with a community of people that care, people that are doing the things you dream of doing.

Leah went from a statistic to a success – and she is just getting started!

If you are reading this and want to hear Leah’s interview check that out here. Maybe you were told that your goals were just too big. The truth is that your goals are simply too big for them! Let me be clear – there is hope! There is hope beyond what people speak over you.

One of the keys is to surround yourself with a community that cares. Life in this world is changing – and in our community we are changing things exponentially. Check out Leah’s chapter by grabbing the book The Invincible Family here.

Join Leah and jump into my Facebook community where I am helping everyday families start, grow, and scale their home based businesses.

Have the best day!

xo Martha

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