Let’s talk miracles, shall we?

Today we are talking about miracles. I believe one of our jobs here is to really shout out from the mountain tops miracles that are happening in our lives. If we look back to the disciples, that was their main gig. They were here to talk about miracles they witnessed and then they went and told people about those miracles.  I don’t know where we lost that along the way. I believe that we really need to take it old school and scream miracles from the mountain tops. Our job is not to bang people over the head with a Bible.

My belief is that it’s our job to show people what Jesus is doing in our life.

If you were to break it down biblically the holy spirit’s job is to soften hearts.  So, what I’m gonna do is add a page to my website withmartha.com.  It’s going to be about miracles, miracles that are happening in your life. I’ll share miracles happening in my life today and miracles that have happened before.  What I need from you guys is for you to share what miracles are happening in your life.  You can e-mail hello@marthaekrejci.com. Don’t forget the middle initial in there! In the subject line put miracles. Share the miracles that are happening in your life.  There is no miracle too small. I share more about this in a short video at the top of this blog.

I also would like to talk to you about what really happened in your life.  If you’re OK with me interviewing you on video about that, I would love to put it up on my channels. So, include that in your e-mail – you can talk about the miracle in the body of the e-mail and then at the bottom share if you are willing to be interviewed on video.  I would love for you to move forward looking through the filter of “What is God doing in my life today?” Let’s keep this conversation going and support one another. Join my free Facebook Group Families Creating Legacies here.

Have the Best Day



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