Who is ready to light some Young Living fires today? We’re going to start getting on influencers’ radars and get them curious. That’s how we’re going to light some fires today. We’re lighting the kindling today. If you hear that and think oh no – bear with me.

If you have chosen your Dream 20 this is what I’m talking about. If you don’t know what that is, it’s essentially 20 people that would explode your business if they were to join your team. It’s not just twenty people with massive audiences. It’s twenty people that are in alignment with your own audience or bat signal. If you don’t know what a bat signal is check out one of my free trainings on that in my YL Goldgetter 2.0 Facebook group here.

Next, you are going to look for influencers that serve the same people you serve – but in a different way. They’re going to bring fullness to your team and the way that you can serve your team. Once you have your 20 people by 5:00 today reach out to 5 of them. Each day, reach out to 5 more. I talk more about that in the short video at the top of this blog.

You might be thinking they’re not going to pay attention to me. Maybe not right away, but once you start reaching out consistently and showing up in their world, they will take notice. They absolutely will. I don’t care who you are. I don’t care if you have less than zero followers. It does not matter.

So how do you reach out to them? Today I just want you to respond to one of their stories. I want you to respond in a way that takes thought. I want you to respond in a way that’s edifying to them. I don’t want you to ask for a single thing from them. This is just building bridges. Let’s just edify them. Let’s lift them up.

You might think that your Dream 20 don’t need to be lifted up. Listen. everyone needs to be lifted up – everybody.

Remember 5% of your audience just wishes you would shut up and they are really loud about it. Imagine how much of that an influencer that has 500,000 followers is getting on a regular basis. That’s real guys. We’re building bridges. Wondering what to do if they actually join your team? I’ve got you covered in my membership Cutting Edge. You can learn more about that and join by messaging @LivinthedreamwithMartha on FB with the words “cutting edge” if that doesn’t work, just personally message me and we’ll go over the details and get you in!

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