Major Changes Coming to Your Facebook Feed (And The 3 Things You Need To Double Down On Now)

Do you find it hard to keep up with all the changes happening day to day in social media? Well, here’s your guide to the major changes coming to your Facebook feed as well as three things for you to double down on right now to get ready for those changes.  I’ll start with how your Facebook Feed is going to change.  The top is going to have a mix of reels and stories. Those reels and stories are going to be from people that you know and are connected to AND it’s also going to be from people that you DO NOT know. This is a huge shift.

I love this change because it will allow you to get your message, your mission out in front of more people – as long as you’re doing things the way that I teach you to do them.

So just below the reels and stories you will see a discover space.  If you look at both Instagram and Tik Tok they have this already. I explain how this will work in this short video.  You won’t want to miss this one! I explain how the Artificial Intelligence works and what you need to know about it to share your message. Next on your feed will be what you are used to seeing – your normal feed. Keep in mind the higher algorithmic push is going to be for the discovery section, right? So, it will feel more like Tik Tok in that way.

The very first thing that we need to double down on is Facebook Groups themselves. I recommend you offer helpful content in groups and definitely have a group yourself.  Secondly you should be messaging people because that is one of the heaviest weighted values of the algorithm.  An easy way to do this is to go through your stories and respond to someone’s story. Finally, I’m recommending you double down on video. Videos like the one I linked above as well as shorter micro content videos (15 seconds long) answering a question that would be helpful to your audience. One thing that will help you is to have a great bio and you can learn how to do that in my blog here. I’ve got free trainings for you in my Facebook Group that can help you with these three goals and you can join that group here. 



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