If you’ve been setting the same New Year’s Eve resolution to lose weight year after year, do you think it might be time to try something new?

Listen, I get it. You won’t get any judgment from me. It wasn’t until I realized how much my mind can either work for or against me that I understood how to make weight loss a lasting change.

When we reprogram our brains to make weight loss normal and not a struggle, that’s when we win. Did you know it’s possible to make our healthiest version of ourselves an expectation of our brain instead of something we work for? Could you imagine a life where you no longer struggle to eat the right things for your body or fight with yourself to be “good”? This is what I’m doing with a select group of people starting on January 1st.

We will have multiple meal plans to choose from because this isn’t a one size fits all type deal. You get to choose what works for you. We will also be plugging up our nutritional gaps while we do this because that’s crucial. Did you know that the food we eat today doesn’t have the same nutritional value that it did fifty years ago? That’s just reality. We need to supplement our nutrition to help our bodies function optimally.

The bottom line is that 2021 is going to be the last year I need to set a weight loss resolution because it won’t be a struggle from here on out. You’re going to see a completely different version of me in six months and my question to you is this—do you also want to see a new version of yourself too?

This whole thing is free if you want to come with me (all you need are the supplements obviously…I mean, I buy mine, I can’t buy yours too lol). But the rewiring of your brain, the meal plans, the community…everything else is free.

If you’ve heard enough and you’re in, send me a message and let me know. If you need more info you can watch this video I did last week. Whatever you decide I hope you have the most amazing year ever.

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Have the best day!

xo Martha